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How Can Parents Help Their Children Excel In School?

A sponge is porous and hence, absorbs water effectively. Children, too, are like sponges and tend to retain most of what is taught to them. A lot of these learnings come from their school....

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Top Skills Every School Administrator Must Develop

School admins are burdened with several responsibilities and are expected to always be on their toes. They need to reflect the school’s vision and mission in their work and make plans that will contribute...

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The Eco-Friendly Way of School Management

Everything we do either directly or indirectly affects the global climate in such a minute way that cannot be measured or held accountable for, but when such actions are repeated by all individuals that...

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Saving Valuable School Resources with Teno App

An educational institution is made up of various resources that keep it up and running. The basic infrastructure, administrative staff, student data, and study material, are just a few. Institutes need to figure out...

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Bridging the School Parent Communication Gap With Teno App

Communication between Parents and School is vital but has never been easier. Traditionally important information, mark sheets, and notes were delivered physically either via post or students. There is a high possibility for these...