Teno Notification Settings – teno

Teno Notification Settings

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374 Responses

  1. Abdul qadir says:

    Please do fast messge

  2. Abdul qadir says:

    Please do proper messege

  3. Dr Anoop Sinha says:

    It’s really nice

  4. Malavika says:

    For time being nothing

  5. Raja Fida Hussain says:


  6. Raja Fida Hussain says:

    Good app for chidrens keep it up

  7. aruna says:

    How to delete an account with tenoapp completely

  8. hesh says:

    Best community apps

  9. Abdul qadir says:

    Resultnot show in teno

  10. Kiran rathi says:

    The app is very nice

  11. laxminarayan mane says:

    Very nice app

  12. batul says:

    U must also have this app for college’s also

  13. Rohit Guatam says:

    13 ko chemistry ka practical hai

  14. Chirag shah says:

    Nice. Good 1. No

  15. Chirag shah says:


  16. intekhab says:

    I don’t know all deaf friend very yes

  17. Mr Milan Maheta says:

    Pls contact me

  18. Chirag shah says:


  19. Seenu says:

    Is this available on windows mobile

  20. Hari shanker Prasad says:

    Computer weak

  21. Deepa says:

    Hello, we are using TenoApp from a couple of months. We see that there is a delay in messages being delivered. This seems a little costly for us as the teachers/students would post their class schedules and if it reaches late, then it doesn’t serve the purpose. Any help on this ?

  22. Sangeeta says:

    Good thingking

  23. Dinesh says:

    please update your teno app

  24. Jab message Aata h to Notification sound nhe bolta he

  25. Mehjabeen Bagasrawala says:

    Dear Sir
    I am unable to open doc files on my Google Nexus 5 phone…it says file format not supported…kindly guide

  26. chaitanya says:

    Computer application

  27. chaitanya says:

    Computer online exam

  28. Raghav says:

    Yes thanks happy holi

  29. Anupama sood says:

    Not able to receive notifications

  30. Asad says:

    My school is very good

  31. Kuldeep kumar says:

    Very nice

  32. Shipra says:

    I cant operate your teno application its not showing any thing please help me

  33. prasad says:

    It is one side communication sometime when school staff’s may be disabled the features, we can’t communicate another way and also privacy is not there to communicate to teachers & principal about complaints

    • sandesh says:

      Hello Prasad, there is privacy in the app. You can communicate privately with the teachers and principal. But this decision is with the school whether they want to communicate privately with parents or not. It seems your child’s school has disabled the feature for school parents. Kindly contact the school for the same.

  34. prasad says:

    Technology divided human relations

  35. VMK says:

    Why does this app repeatedly leave a invite someone reply everytime it is accessed for the messages?
    Looks very irritating to use because of this feature.
    Need immediate disabling ofor this to ensure use for the required purposemail.
    Whoever wants to join will do so if needed rather than inviting everyone out there!

    • sandesh says:

      Hello VMK, the app asks to invite only if you have not yet invited your parents or teachers to join Teno. If you don’t invite them they will not be able to see your messages.

  36. I am not able to operate teno. Pls.send me pin

  37. J.P.prajapati says:


  38. avinash dubey says:

    Ptm date

  39. Anike says:

    Motorola settings????????????????????????????????????????????

  40. Ajay Kumar says:


  41. Sunita says:

    How my child n I can use it together

  42. Sandeep says:

    Sir I am unable to see my school message

  43. Ashwin Sanghvi says:

    App is not working

    Full blank

  44. Sonia says:

    How to get villatheresa last 5years final xams paper online

  45. Sandeep says:

    I can’t join the group of parents

  46. sandip says:

    Good luck

  47. Narendee says:

    There is no activity in this group

  48. laxmi narayan says:


  49. Ashok Jadhav says:

    My mobile is of LeEco company. How to activate notifications of tengo app

  50. Anita Sharma says:

    I start teno app.
    But I don’t know how to start this app.

  51. sanjeevkumar says:


  52. Adesh says:

    easy to operate

  53. Balaji says:

    What is useful of this app
    This app contain nothing

  54. Snehal says:

    Omkar school is very good

  55. Useless application as no messages nor you can chat one to one with the group.

    • sandesh says:

      Dear Dr Jagannath Patnaik, the school needs to send messages to you and the one to one chat option is with the school and not us. We have provided the control to the school to decide whether they want to allow or disallow the one to one chat option to parents. So maybe your child’s school has disabled the option for the school parents. You can reach out to the school with your concerns. I am sure they will be able to help you. However I am extremely sorry for your bad experience.

  56. Gouransh says:


  57. Veena tripathy says:

    Nice app

  58. vijay kumar says:

    Not a single message received! Why?

  59. rajesh gupta says:


  60. koyel says:

    I have done it on teachers but I am a student and I want to go in term of student from teacher . What should I do in this case ? Can you help me

  61. Farooq Ahmad Mir says:

    HTC mobile is not yet includ

  62. Farooq Ahmad Mir says:

    Plz guide for HTC mobile

  63. Dr. B.P.Padhy says:

    I think, there should be a common app and procedure for all the 3G/4G set users instead of specific procedures for different sets.

    • sandesh says:

      Thank you so much for the feedback. We sincerely appreciate it but actually different networks have different cellular network technology and so it is necessary for us to create different procedures for all.

  64. Veena tripathy says:


  65. Deepti Gera says:

    I am not receiving daily work

    • sandesh says:

      Kindly contact the school for the same because this needs to be updated by the school. If you have any query or concerns regarding the app then kindly drop us a mail on support@tenoapp.com so that we can help you out.

  66. Kapil says:

    2017 update now

  67. Amerdev says:

    No comment

  68. Nitesh Gupta says:

    Sir district magistrade ki or se adisuchna jari ki gaye h ki garmi avm high temperature ke karan sare school band kar diye jaye

  69. Asha says:

    I want to add my both kids details, but app is not accepting

  70. riya gupta says:


  71. When scholarship amount will be credit to students account..?

  72. Sachin says:

    A very jubilant making app

  73. himayun says:

    seeting teno notification

  74. Ashiq says:

    Didn’t get any notification to us

  75. Abhishek says:


  76. sumit says:

    Feeling good

  77. Faisal says:

    Very much nice

  78. victory english school says:

    Is a school pic/logo couldnot be used?

  79. Nimisha Kapadia says:

    Hii. I m nt getting notifications
    I m using OnePlus 2 cell

  80. surya says:

    LG phone settings pls……

  81. Rabindra says:

    Useful app

  82. boskey chamria says:

    I have changed the school, but not able to log in through the new one. plz help

  83. Nice🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  84. Dinesh says:

    My children’s school changed and i am facing a problem that new school message not received because teno shows Old school registered .Tell me solutions


    It good app for students parents and teachers communication

  86. Reeta says:

    Very helpful for parents

  87. waqas momin says:

    Smart aap smart information and digital India

  88. BABU LAL SAINI says:


  89. Zubair says:

    I registered with incorrect school. App does not have facility to change to correct school. Please help.

  90. naman says:

    Naman ki padai kasi

  91. Manik Preet Singh says:

    Very nice

  92. Parray Faisal says:


  93. Parray Faisal says:


  94. shivam says:

    Best plateform for children

  95. Very Well Written! To all people who are directly reading the comments, kindly go through the entire blog! Amazing work by the author! 🙂

  96. Mobile Cases says:

    Very Good Read! To all those who have jumped directly into the comment section, do give a read! The blog is perfectly written!

  97. Preeti says:

    Not receiving any new update

    • sandesh says:

      Hi Preeti, Kindly try deleting your cache memory from the phone and if that doesn’t work please do give us a call on 1800 209 8366 to our dedicated customer service department. We will be happy to help.

  98. Sony Singh says:

    Nice app


    it is very useful for communicate the educational issues among the management ,parents &teachers.

  100. Kamran says:

    Please suggest me how can i activate teno in my LG L70 mobile

  101. DnyaneshvarJagtap says:


  102. Aloka kumar bhoi says:

    Good thinking

  103. Hari Prakash Sharma says:

    Best app

  104. Hari Prakash Sharma says:

    But student not found

  105. Hemant says:

    Seting replay notification

  106. Guraling M patil says:

    Feeling good.

  107. Jabeen munshi says:

    I m not getting notification as and when it was send.. When i open teno that time the mesg come in my notification box how to solve this problem. My phn is oppo.

  108. Anil Jyotiram Umale says:

    Very nice

  109. Ravindra kumar says:


  110. Sachin Gautam says:

    Not Good

  111. Manish Kumar Tank says:


  112. Manish Kumar Tank says:

    Nice keep it up

  113. Ritesh Sharma says:

    It is elidgble for me

  114. truehacks yt says:

    bing bring me here. Thanks!

  115. khitish mahanta says:


  116. khitish mahanta says:

    please guide for Micromax

  117. Manohar singh says:

    Good app

  118. Manohar singh says:

    St thomas school is very good

  119. S.kovasik says:

    V good

  120. prabish says:

    I am not receiving any messages

    • sandesh says:

      Dear Prabish, you are not receiving any messages because your child’s school is not sending you messages. I would like to inform you that this is not an issue of the app. Your school should send you messages so that you can recieve it.

  121. prabish says:

    very bad app

    • sandesh says:

      Dear Prabish, We are extremely sorry that you are facing issues with our app. We would like to know what problem you are facing?

  122. Prashant bhagvat says:

    Messaging disabled please start again

  123. Narote kautikrao says:

    Nice work

  124. Pradeep Jain says:

    Very good app

  125. mariam says:

    How use L. G mobile

  126. Joshna Panigrahi says:

    Not able to active

  127. Rakshita says:

    Pls give LG G4 setting

  128. Mahammad Vali says:


  129. Pravin n gulhane says:


  130. Vikramjit Singh says:

    If to different schools how can manage on one phone

  131. Mahendra Kumar Bisoi says:

    Very nice

  132. Hashim Khan says:


  133. Please guide for Nokia 5 model mobile.

  134. Please guide for Nokia 5 mobile.

  135. Swara Ulemale says:


  136. NITIN DOLSE says:

    This year I not got any notification from school on teno app

  137. Jaanhavi Yadav A says:


  138. Easy and comfortable to use teno app


  139. Easy and comfortable to use the teno app.


  140. 4 F Geeta . Sanwal says:

    Thank you now I can see all the information contained in the NHSS Thane.☺️☺️

  141. Thank you very much and I would love it

  142. Suresh Sharma says:


  143. satyavan says:

    What is the name of director & owner of christ raja convent school Jind?

    • sandesh says:

      Kindly contact the school for the same. We at Teno take customer privacy very seriously because of which we cannot share the details.

  144. Babita kar says:

    Good intiative

  145. guruprasad says:


  146. Great, bing took me stright here. thanks btw for this. Cheers!

  147. Morning, here from yahoo, me enjoyng this, will come back again.

  148. PRADEEP C D says:

    Very good

  149. Mohanbabu S says:

    Good contacts between Parents, Teachers & Students.

  150. Mohanbabu S says:

    Good communication between Parents, Teachers & Students.

  151. SREEDEVI says:

    Really a good app

  152. Vivek Raj says:

    I am a one plus user, also battery advance setting is set to on no optimized, Then also I am not getting notifications. Please help.

  153. Shivamsingh says:

    Nice app

  154. sanjaysanjay kumar says:

    Good app

  155. Sunil Nair says:

    Google pixel settings please

  156. Umed says:

    not sure is there any issues with the app due to recent update.. not able to see any notification and group

  157. Umed says:

    What about HTC

  158. Manoj Kumar Patel says:


  159. Anisha says:

    Nice & Good

  160. Jbbaig says:

    Very nice app

  161. SUNIL says:


  162. SUNIL PARMAR says:


  163. SUNIL PARMAR says:


  164. Shashi bhushan dixit says:


  165. Nivesh says:

    very nice

  166. Panderi says:

    Realy superub app

  167. Ajay kumar dhruw says:

    Teno app ke bare me mujhe nahi pata

  168. MINTU MOTTAN says:

    Thanks for the aap informed..
    *Feeling good*

  169. kailas Tange says:

    Plz guide for HTC mobile

  170. Mitthan singh says:

    Ha puri jankari aap ch lod karu g

  171. Jarnail says:

    not good app it has hanged after some days

    • sandesh says:

      I am extremely sorry that you had to face this issue. But phone hangs when there is not enough space in your memory or you have too many apps downloaded. It is not an issue of the app. If you are still facing any issue kindly drop us a mail on support@tenoapp.com so that we can help you with your phone settings.

  172. Nityaananda sahoo says:

    Mahabir Sahoo

  173. Nityaananda sahoo says:

    Nityaananda sahoo

  174. Pavan Kumar says:

    Good apps

  175. chetan sanjot says:


  176. chetan sanjot says:


  177. Om says:

    Teno app is informative


    Very good

  179. Sunil jaiswal says:

    When was school is reopen #of class 5 th

  180. Adeeba says:

    It will be useful if u add qury option like u hv teno tips option. So that we cn directly send u queries n get d rply….

  181. Adeeba says:

    I got the solution…
    Amazing app

  182. Sanjay pawar says:


  183. Rewat ram Goyal says:

    My app not run

  184. Deepika patel says:

    I hve not received any msg from school

  185. Lataben pravinkumar gadhiya says:

    My mobile is Gionee company.how to activate notification of teno app.please reply as soon as possible.

  186. BUDHIA MURMU says:

    For proper updation of student

  187. Harender Singh Negi says:

    Nice very good

  188. B.b.s.b Convent school

  189. usha sharma says:


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  192. Found this on google and I’m happy I did. Well written article.

  193. Swayam shidhhant das says:


  194. Jabeen munshi says:

    Notification issues

  195. Wenona says:

    Wow, superb blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is wonderful, as well as the content!

  196. Leelavathi says:

    Available in samsung j7 max

  197. Leelavathi says:

    We r not reciving any of the information abot our child

  198. Leelavathi says:

    Im nt reciving any of d information abot my child

  199. Arup pal says:

    Notify me


    It’s very important to improve the communication and interaction between children parents and teachers. Good

  201. Ashok Kumar says:

    While creating group I am not able to prefix class

  202. Babitadevishukla says:

    I am Nokia i phone users

  203. I was discussing with a buddy of mine around this info and also about Ethereum wallet too. I do believe you made a lot of great points in this case, we’re looking forward to keep reading information from you.

  204. A very jubilant making app

  205. KIKAN THAKUR says:

    Notification not update timely.

  206. Rajarshi Dutta says:

    Any settings for Intex mobile ??? I cannot see attendance of my class . When I click attendance they tell select class . Then I select my class . Then they tell select your child . There does not appear any name except one name – Ankush Roy

  207. sandesh says:

    Where do you want me to add you Ravi? If you are facing issues using the app kindly drop a mail on support@tenoapp.com

  208. Gursajan singh says:

    My shcool is very nice n principal sir

  209. Sheikh Abrar says:


  210. Gurbaj says:


  211. Nitish says:

    Notification is not update timely

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  225. Pravin n gulhane says:

    Home work not show

  226. Gurmit singh says:

    Home work not show

    • sandesh says:

      Dear Gurmit, please contact your child’s school for the HW. Based on my understanding I think the school has not updated the HW.

  227. Vinayak Shewale says:

    I can’t see attendance of my elder child. After selecting attendance it shows select class . After selecting child’s class , it shows select your child. After clicking on the same it shows the list of child but it does not shows my child’s name.
    So please solve the issue as early as possible.

    • sandesh says:

      Dear Vinayak, Kindly contact your child’s school for your query. Updating a child’s attendance is done by the school. According to what you have explained I think that the school has not updated your child’s attendance.

  228. JENISH Sabalpara says:

    Good app

  229. Nanda Ballabh says:

    First look I like it. Let’s see future work.

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